Wallaroo Rifle Club
No. 208
Est 1876


Brief History

The Wallaroo Rifle club commenced shooting in 1876. They shot along the beach just 1 kilometre north of the present range. Due to the increase of beach walkers who cared little about their safety the range was moved to the sand hills to where it is today. In time a 300 – 900 yard range was constructed with a 6 frame target gallery. In later years the range was reduced back to 600 yds due to grain bunkers being built. So extra metric mounds were constructed to give the club some variety in their shooting.

Please read the full history of the Wallaroo Rifle club in our history section with permission from author and club member Keith Bailey.

Club Location

Edwards Rifle Range


In 1984 the range was renamed the Edwards Rifle Range after Alf Edwards(inset) for his many years of service to the club.